How Joe Biden’s Administration Is Changing the Judicial Narrative in Saudi Arabia

Major world leaders and organizations are always clamoring for a democratic process in every nation. One of the reasons for this is so that international human rights laws will not be violated by the dictatorial powers. In this report, we show how Saudi Arabia’s crown prince’s government may be doing the bidden of the Joe Biden Administration.

Saudi Arabia – A Nation with History of Dictatorial Misconduct

The nation of Saudi Arabia and the administration of its crown prince who ascended the throne under debatable circumstances have a history of violating human rights. This is as long as the international community is concerned.

As a matter of fact, they have their cup full as the judicial system is not independent and is an aid in violating the rights of these individuals.

For some time now, a woman activist who was clamoring against policies that disallow women from driving vehicles in the country was jailed.

As if this was not enough, statements gathered from family members after a court hearing on the matter proved that the activist was subjected to various forms of torture, sexual harassment, and various forms of dehumanization at large.

Also, a teenage protester (minor) was arrested at some point and sentenced to death. These are just a tiny bit of the atrocities the crown prince’s administration has committed against the very people it governs.

How Joe Biden’s Administration may be Changing the Narrative

With just a few days of president Joe Biden in office, the administrators in Saudi Arabia decided to release the women activist who protested against laws forbidding women from driving. Also, they changed the death sentence of the teenager earlier mentioned to 10 years as that could even become more lenient as time goes on.

This is surprising coming from an administration that has refused to adhere to pressure from the international community to allow human rights protection in its territory.

It is believed that these actions are efforts by the crown prince to create a positive image of himself. A tactic that can hardly work considering how the releases come with clauses that still violate human rights.

For instance, the woman activist was released with a clause that forbids her from traveling outside the shores of the country for 5 years. Regardless of how the Saudi administration has acted, the thought that they do not have the best interest of their citizen is highly upheld.

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