The best Advent calendars for kids: gift ideas and fun activities

The holiday season is an exciting time for children, and Advent calendars add a certain dose of magic and anticipation. There are a lot of Advent calendars on the market. In this article, we've curated a list of the best Advent calendars that combine delightful gifts with engaging activities. From traditional calendars to interactive experiences, here are the top choices that will make your child's Christmas countdown truly unforgettable.

Chocolate Advent calendars and toy Advent calendars

The classic chocolate Advent calendar never fails to bring a smile to children's faces. These calendars offer a sweet treat behind each door, with a variety of flavors and designs to choose from. Go to to see all the options available. Look for those that feature high-quality chocolates or even gourmet selections. Chocolate Advent calendars are perfect for children who appreciate the simple joy of indulging in a daily chocolate surprise. For children who love toys and collectibles, toy Advent calendars provide a delightful surprise every day. These calendars feature small toys or figurines hidden behind each door, allowing children to gradually build their collection. Choose a theme that matches your child's interests, whether it's dinosaurs, superheroes, princesses, or popular movie characters. Toy Advent calendars provide both entertainment and lasting play value.

LEGO Advent calendars

LEGO Advent calendars combine the excitement of building with the magic of Christmas. Each day reveals a LEGO piece or mini-set and allows your children to construct holiday-themed scenes. LEGO Advent calendars are available in various themes such as City, Star Wars, Friends, and Harry Potter. These calendars foster creativity and provide children with the opportunity to create their own holiday world.

Craft Advent calendars

Craft Advent calendars are ideal for children who enjoy hands-on activities. These calendars provide a daily craft project or DIY kit behind each door. Children can create ornaments, decorate cookies, make holiday cards, or engage in other festive crafts. Craft Advent calendars not only entertain but also encourage children to develop their artistic skills and unleash their creativity.

Activity Advent calendars

Activity-based Advent calendars provide a unique and interactive experience for children. Each day presents a fun activity or game that children can enjoy. Ideas include scavenger hunts, puzzles, riddles, or challenges. Activity Advent calendars promote family bonding, as parents and children can embark on these adventures together. Look for calendars that offer a variety of engaging and age-appropriate activities.

Book Advent calendars

For young bookworms, book Advent calendars offer the joy of reading and discovery. These calendars feature a wrapped book behind each door, providing a new story to enjoy every day. Look for age-appropriate options that cater to your child's interests and reading level. Book Advent calendars not only foster a love for reading but also create a special tradition of bedtime stories during the holiday season.

Interactive Advent calendars

In the digital age, interactive Advent calendars bring technology and tradition together. These calendars utilize apps or online platforms to provide daily surprises, games, and interactive experiences. Children unlock virtual doors, play mini-games, listen to stories, or watch videos. Interactive Advent calendars combine the excitement of digital engagement with the charm of the holiday season.

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