Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee face Another Setback as Committee’s President Resigns

News reaching us reveals that the president of the committee for the Tokyo Olympic Games that should have been held in 2020 has resigned. The resignation is another setback as the committee had to postpone the events in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit many parts of the world in 2020.

Reasons Behind Resignation

The president of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee had to step aside as punitive consequences for his remarks which were sexually biased.

In one of the meetings involving the committee members, there were concerns raised as to the participation of women in the decision-making process of the committee. The suggestion was that the representation of women in the committee is increased from 20 percent to no less than 40 percent.

The response of Yoshirō Mori – the president of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee was what sparked outrage on social media and other platforms. This is in light of how he debunked the need for more participation of women, expressing how a prompt decision-making process is hard to achieve with more women on the team.

Key Players behind Yoshirō Mori’s Resignation

After the airwaves got wind of the committee’s president statement, there were lots of outrage and condemnation targeted towards him. The anger was born out of the fact that the comments were sexually biased and not good for women’s rights.

The president thereafter apologized and took back his words. However, that action now seems insufficient as he had to resign a while ago.

The key factors responsible for his resignation is down to two things – the enormous amount of petition signed against him for his comments; and the decisions of sponsors who expressed the fact that his comments were bad news for their public image.

Notable brands like Toyota and a host of others may have threatened to pull out if the president was not done away with. This is highly unlikely given how the president stated that he will not be resigning after he made public his apology.

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