Israel’s Failings and Success Story in Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic

The United States, Europe, and every other part of the world can learn a thing or two from the situation in Israel. This is given how the nation has had success stories in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as some setbacks.

The Success Story

The nation of Israel has come a long way and remains a unique nation in some regard. In the aftermath of the holocaust and the many hard times they have had to go through, this nation is standing tall in many ways.

Also, the fact that the US administration is fond of making them close allies - renewing and coming up with new bilateral agreements despite being amongst hostile neighbors says a lot about what they have to offer.

As things are, the nation of Israel is topping the charts for the best at administering vaccines to citizens. Currently, many of the Israeli population has taken at least one jab of the Covid-19 vaccines. This is to drastically reduce the further outbreak of the virus and curb it ultimately.

Sources gathered that the nation’s experiences and policies formed as a result has played a huge part in how they are well able to handle the crisis as much as they have. A source explained that “the country has a mandatory military service program that people have to undergo at some point…this consciously and subconsciously helps citizens understand their responsibilities in handling a crisis”. 

The Religious Motivated Setbacks

However, one of the biggest setbacks the nation has had to deal with is the lack of cooperation from some minor sects in the nation.

These Jews who are Ultra-Orthodox have violated regulations on physical distancing and other restrictions that are meant to protect the populace on many occasions. Many of these sects believe the laws are contrary to the dictates of their religion and cannot be upheld as a result.

The number of COVID-19 attacks coming from the region is also alarming and annoying to other quarters of the country. In annoyance, the deputy prime minister did infer in a tweet that the situation should be properly dealt with by the powers that be. This is in light of how the Prime Minister has been lenient over the actions of this sect.