Is Amazon’s Ring Newest Product Good or Bad News for Us?

Two years ago, Amazon took a giant leap in the corporate world by purchasing Ring. The astonishing fact is how much it paid for this doorbell company that made the founder all smiling to the bank.

This 1 billion dollar secured integrated Amazon Company is set to launch its indoor drone security product sometime this year. However, is this good or bad news as feathers have been ruffling in various quarters?

What the New Ring Indoor Drone Security Surveillance Is set to Offer

The invention aims to allow users to monitor events happening in their surroundings. This can still be possible even when they are not any close to the premises.

The system operates this way given how it is connected to a smartphone. As a result, users will be able to get live feeds of happenings in their residential premises and other areas where this device is used.

Another impressive feature of Ring’s latest invention is how the device can sense unusual movements in certain areas and get to the venue. Afterward, it will send live feeds on the situation allowing users to take the necessary step required.

As many prospective users expect, this indoor drone technology can be attached to the alarm system, allowing the alarm to trip off in case there is a need for such.

Is this Invention Good or Bad News for People?

While this is a welcome development in the technological sense, the invention sparks concerns for many. This is particularly for those concerned about their right to data privacy.

The company is partnering with several police departments across the nation to help with surveillance that can be used during investigations. Many people intent on having their privacy uncompromised have raised concerns on how such a product violates their rights.

Furthermore, there is the concern that data gathered from this device can be hacked and misused by the wrong set of people.