~ 2016 Vendors ~ Updated list for the 2017 season is coming soon!

Wrights Nursery

Joyce Wright, Owner/Grower/Farmer
Veggie Starts, Fruit Trees, Plants, Fresh Produce (as available), Sewn Fleece Accessories

Mystic Hollow Farm

Tonya Buus, Owner/Crafter/Farmer
Goats Milk Soap, Lotions, Lip Balms, Bath & Body, Handcrafted Home Products and Fresh Produce (as available),

Midland Green

Jennie & Troy Kyle, Owner/Farmer
Fresh Lettuce & Greens, Fresh Produce (as available), Eggs (as available)

Nou Cha’s Farm & Flowers

Nou Cha, Owner
Fresh Handcrafted Flower Bouquets, Fresh Produce & Herbs (As Available)

Beads N’ Baubles

Leanne McCarty, Owner/Crafter

Art By Annette

Annette Jackson, Artist
Handpainted Artwork, Prints, Cards, Handweaved Baskets

Never Still Farms

Leif & Corrinne Brantner
Honey, Cream Honey, Beeswax Candles & Lipbalm

Leslie’s Plants

Leslie Blewitt, Owner/Gardener
Container Plants & Plant Starts

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